Easter V

Easter V

May 19, 2019 | Fr. Randall Trego

    I would do anything to avoid going to the family reunion picnic. The prospects of doing the peanut scramble with kids I did not know and listening to the chatter of adults talking about their successful children was more than my introverted-self could bear. The very worst crescendo of the day came in the afternoon when one distant cousin of my mother would bring to the picnic table, after desert, a large collection of “husky” hand-me-down clothes, just for me! Today we celebrate our life together through the annual picnic. I hope no one feels anything like I once did!! As we celebrate our life at St. Dunstan’s I pray we may be encouraged from our reading in the Revelation to John- God dwells with us; he is with us and is making all things new! (Revelation 21:1-6). As we celebrate our life at St. Dunstan’s we can be proud to know that in the churches liturgical calendar today is the Feast of St. Dunstan. It was on this day in 988 that Dunstan, who was by then the Archbishop of Canterbury died with these words on his lips: “The merciful and gracious Lord hath made remembrance of His wonderful works; He hath given food to them that fear Him.” As we picnic together may we remember the wonderful works God has done in our community. May we have confidence and joy to know that through God’s great mercy St. Dunstan’s will be nourished and blessed in the search process that lies before us!

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