In-Person Worship Guidelines

As part of the reopening plans, St. Dunstan's in-church worship has entered Phase II of our re-opening plans with 2 services on Sunday with seating for 120 guests.  Reservations required.  Click Here to RSVP. 

Service Times: 

Sundays at 7:45am & 9:00am *Please RSVP

9am service will be live streamed for those unable to attend.

Thursdays at 12:00pm Noon *NO RSVP required 

This service will not be livestreamed.  It will be located in the church Nave to allow for social distancing.

Worship Guidelines

  1. Please take your temperature at home before each service to make sure you do not have a fever before you come. If you are at higher risk for severe illness please consider staying home and worshipping with us online.  If you exhibit any signs of illness as described by the CDC, such as fever, coughing, body aches, etc. (CDC coronavirus symptoms: please do not attend In-Church Worship for the safety of all our guests.
  2. Enter through the main church doors only.  
  3. Exit at the end of service through the main doors or the side doors.
  4. Must wear a mask. A mask will be available if you forget yours.
  5. Sanitze your hands upon entering and as often as needed.  Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout our worship space.
  6. Practice Social Distancing inside the church and outside.  Guests will sit with their family members social distanced as directed by an usher. Wear a name tag if you have one.
  • Increase attendance up to 120 people starting Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021.
  • Communion now will be received by kneeling at the altar rail. You will have the option of receiving both elements (bread & wine). You will only be allowed communion by intinction of the Eucharistic Host (dipping the bread into the wine) prior to consuming.
  • The Priest and Acolytes will process down the aisle to read The Gospel among the congregation.
  • The offering plate will be passed during the offertory.
  • Small Groups and Ministries can return to campus, as long as those attending wear masks and socially distance.
  • Coffee and refreshments can now be served during fellowships on campus.
  • The Celebrant can be maskless during the entire service if he has been vaccinated except for during the distribution of communion.
  • Singing restrictions have been lifted as long as everyone is wearing a mask.
  • Hymnals and Books of Common Prayer will be returned to the pews and available for use.
What we have done to keep us all safe
  • The entire church has been deep cleaned and dissinfected using electrostatic fogging by a professsional cleaning service. 
  • In between or before each service, our Sexton will clean the pews, restrooms, door handles, and other high touch areas. 
  • Children's Worship Helps are individually bagged in ziplock bags.  They are to be taken home.
  • Child care will not be available during this time.  
  • Children's Liturgy (Children's church) will not take place during the 9am service.  We will continue to offer a Children's Liturgy video online each week. 
  • Restrooms are thoroughly cleaned before each service.  However, we ask that you wipe down any touch points before and after you use the restroom. Cleaning wipes are provided.  Please dispose of them in the trash can and not the toilet. 
  • The Vestry of the Day has a checklist of items to ensure that all our safety protocols are in place.