Live Bible Musings

****  NO cLASSES on:  June 28th  ****

Class resumes July 5th at 6:30pm in Price Fellowship Hall.

Join Fr. Roman as he leads you through a book of the Bible (currently Ruth) starting on Chapter 1.  Each week the class will focus on reading a few verses in class, and talking about the context, original audience, historical setting, purpose for the writing of the book, and theological significance of the passage.  This will be an unhurried, in-depth study.  If you have questions, please contact the church office 281-440-1600 or Fr. Roman

Ruth 3:6-14
Ruth 3:1-5
Ruth 2:17-22
Ruth 2:8-16
Ruth 2:1-7
RUTH 1:19-22
Ruth 1:14-18 
Ruth 1:7-13
Ruth 1:1-6
Ruth Intro