12-01-2019 First Advent | Fr Randall

Series: 2019

12-01-2019 First Advent | Fr Randall

December 01, 2019 | Fr. Randall Trego

Passage: Matthew 24:36

Today, as we begin the season of Advent we are invited to encounter the unexpected hour when the Son of Man will come again. We celebrate his first coming on Christmas Eve. These weeks of Advent are an intentional invitation. They are for us time to prepare ourselves for this coming of God to be among us. It is not only as the baby born in a stable, but as the advent of God’s new creation. Jesus tells his disciples to be ready, for his coming will be at an unexpected hour. 

 He used the illustration of Noah. People were enjoying banquets and parties right up to the time when Noah entered the ark. And then, the flood came and swept them all away. He used other examples, too. The lesson for us to learn from all of this is to keep watch because we do not know what day the Lord is coming. We are told to be ready at all times. There is no good reason to try and read the signs of the times to then get ready. If I were to do that I would think that the time is slipping past us now. But that is not the point of Jesus’ teaching. We are more importantly invited to be ready at all times.

 May we know the grace of God to cast away works of darkness to put on the armor of light so we may greet Jesus.  He will come again to judge the living and the dead, so we may enter to  God’s new creation of heaven and earth! I pray that we may make time to be still in this busy season to prepare ourselves for this most amazing mystery to come.


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