Lectors and Chalicers


There is something special about being part of the service from the other side of the altar. It is all choreographed with each supporting each other.

Lectors and Chalice Bearers are specially trained and licensed members of the congregation whose main purpose is to assist clergy in the liturgy of the church.

How to join:
  • Sign up at Rally Day in August, speak to a priest or Dixie Allen
  • Select service(s) you would like to serve in
  • Select Lector and/or Chalicer for ways you would like to serve
  • Attend training

Volunteer schedules are prepared 4 times a year for 3 month periods.  The schedule coordinator - Dixie Allen will email out the schedule for the quarter, along with requests for special services that occur such as Christmas, Evensong, Requiems, and such.