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Change Can Be Hard

Change Can Be Hard

by Laura Gunn on August 10, 2022

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Change can be hard and frightening due to the aspect of the UNKNOWN. The hiring of an Associate Rector, Fr. Alvaro Pinzon, who will lead a Worship service for Spanish Speakers, fits the definition of CHANGE.

But this did not happen overnight and certainly did not get happen on the whim of our current rector, Fr. Roman Roldan. As a Vestry member since 2019, a member of the Search Committee, and Senior Warden since 2021, I want to assure you much thought and planning were put into the decision to make this addition to our worship schedule and to share a bit of history.

Our church participated in the survey HOLY COW and we stated our number 1 member priority is to ‘make changes to attract families with children and youth’.

In Fr. Roman’s address to our parish at the Annual Meeting(1/23/2022), he reviewed our:

  • VISION – “To unite all people with the love of God”
  • Children & Youth – grow programs and create after-school program for Hispanic children;
  • Community Fellowship – revitalize all events with spring Holy Smokes and fall Senior Prom;
  • Christian Formation – open all groups to newcomers;
  • Outreach – funds to Executive Director of Hope Center and mission trips;
  • Worship – grow all choirs and add Hispanic service;
  • Pastoral Care – increase size of all teams and add Spanish speaking volunteers.

The hiring of Fr. Alvaro Pinzon and the addition of another worship service, in SPANISH, has VESTRY approval and support and is the culmination of much work involving many people. In reality, this change has been in the works since before we even called Fr. Roldan to be our rector.

Our church is blessed. We’ve come out on the other side of the pandemic and are financially strong. Fr. Roldan sought and received grants from the diocese to help fund the hiring of Fr. Pinzon. Additionally, gifts from generous parishioners are earmarked for developing worship for Spanish speakers.

If anyone has questions, please let me know.


Laura Wise Gunn
Sr. Warden
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