Holy Week Schedule

Childcare in our nursery and Livestream will be available for all services other than 7:00pm Good Friday and 7:30am Easter Sunday.

MAUNDY  THURSDAY~ march 28th  7:00pm  the Last Supper & Foot Washing 
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Jesus tells his followers to "love one another as I have loved you" by offering his body and blood in holy communion. At this service, we remember the Last Supper in which Jesus shared bread and wine and washed the feet of his disciples. ***Foot washing will be offered, simply come forward to participate or observe from your seat.  After communion, the service will include the procession of the sacrament to the altar of repose (our small chapel in the same space) and the stripping of the main altar. Both hold a piece of reflection into the story of Jesus' death and resurrection.  We invite you to come partake or just observe. We look forward to connecting with you.

GOOD  FRIDAY ~ march 29thNoon Solemn worship with adoration of the cross & communion 
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Join us in a beautiful, solemn service of remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus. Holy communion will be offered from reserved sacraments processed from the altar of repose from the Maundy Thursday service the evening prior. Worshippers will have an opportunity to come forward and venerate (worship) at the cross by simply bowing, kneeling, placing a stone at the foot of the cross, or praying, etc. Our Parish Choir and Organist will offer their music during this service.  We invite you to come partake or just observe.

viernes santo ~ 29 de marzo a las 6:00pm via crucis, santa eucaristia 

The Great VIGIL OF Easter ~ march 30th 7:00pm 
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The Great Easter Vigil consists of four parts:
The Service of Light - which centers in the lighting of a huge candle (Paschal candle); The Service of Scriptures; The Service of Baptisms; and The Service of the first communion of Easter Day. This service full of rich tradition is a great way to remember and celebrate the gift of Easter.

EASTER  SUNDAY ~ March 31st Celebrating the Joy of Easter
9am watch Vimeo | 9:01am facebook live11:15am watch Vimeo 


7:30am   Rite I - Holy Communion Spoken service
9:00am   Rite II - Holy Communion with contemporary music from our Praise Team
9:01aM rito II - santa eucaristia con musica de alabanza
11:15am  Rite II - Holy Communion with traditional hymns sung by our Parish Choir accompanied by Organ

Flowering the cross at all Easter Sunday services.  There will be a cross at the entrance of the church doors.  You can bring flowers from home or use the flowers provided to adorn the cross. 


Sunday, April 7 @10:15-11:05am   Easter Egg Hunts | Fellowship | Snacks | snowcones | PEtting Zoo | Bounce House
Easter Flower Donations

Remember or honor a loved one through our glorious Easter Flowers & Music

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