ash wednesday 2024

Services at 6:30am | Noon | 7:00pm (english in the nave, spanish in the price fellowship hall)


6:30AM     Spoken Rite 1 Service with the Imposition of Ashes (done in under 30 minutes, perfect for commuters)
12 NOON  Spoken Rite 1 Service with the Imposition of Ashes.
7:00PM     (English) Rite 1 Service with the Imposition of Ashes, Organ & The Parish Choir. Livestream available. 
7:00PM     (Español) servicio tranquilo con la Imposición de Cenizas en el Price Fellowship Hall
All Ash Wednesday donations will go towards the discretionary fund for the Hope Center Executive Director to use for Hope Center Houston's mission.

stations of the cross

Every Sunday during Lent in the Nave at 10:15am.

Todos los domingos durante la Cuaresma en el Price Fellowship Hall a las 10:15 a.m.

looking for a lenten study?

Feel free to pick up a Lenten Devotional book at church beginning on Shrove Tuesday! (Available in English & Spanish)

You can also follow along with the Devotional produced by Episcopal Relief Development by downloading the pdf below

Episcopal relief lenten devotional