Traditional Music

Traditional Music at St. Dunstan’s


The Parish Choir

“I will sing and make music with all my soul.” – Psalm 108

About the Choir

St. Dunstan’s Parish Choir is an ensemble of volunteer singers from St. Dunstan’s and the wider Houston community that performs regularly at the 11:00am Traditional Eucharist, as well as at other services and events through the year. The choir sings music from Anglican and other traditions, ranging through Gregorian chant and Medieval repertoire, to Renaissance motets, Victorian anthems, and the greatest music composed today for the Church.

Participating in the musical leadership of the Church’s liturgy is an excellent way to return to God your time and talents. Through singing in the choir, you will learn about music and worship, and deepen your lived faith. You will also make new friends and enjoy lasting relationships with old ones.

The Parish Choir welcomes all, whether you have years of experience and training in singing, or if your only experience is with your hymnal. All that is expected of new members is the weekly time commitment and a positive attitude with an openness to learning about music. Interested singers are welcome to come to a rehearsal and see what preparing for worship is like before committing – we’d love to have you join us, whether for an evening or through the year!

Choir Schedule

The Parish Choir season runs roughly from September through May, with singing opportunities available in the summer. Childcare is available for singers with children.

Rehearsal: Wednesday nights, 7:00-8:30 PM Warm-up: Sunday mornings, 9:45-10:15AM for 11:00 Service

Interested? Questions? Contact Gavin Craig, Choirmaster.

Sunday Choir

A Choir for YOU!

The Sunday Choir is an ensemble designed for the musical enthusiast with a busy lifestyle. Participants sing roughly once a month, at their leisure, with the Parish Choir. There’s no commitment, no obligation, no vestments, no weeknights, just fun with great music and friendly people!

The Sunday Choir warms up at 9:45am in the Choir Room to sing at the 11:00 service. Singers are welcome whenever convenient, with no commitment necessary. Engagements are publicized via mailing list. Add your e-mail below to be informed of singing opportunities!

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Choir Fellows

“A Tradition of Awesomeness”

About the Program

The St. Dunstan’s Choir Fellows is a professional choir of high school students designed to give students an introduction to the Anglican choral patrimony and to the disciplines of professional musicianship. Young choristers also have opportunities to develop skills in musical leadership and form friendships with other students in the area. The Choir Fellows perform both as a supplement to the size and quality of the Parish Choir and as an independent ensemble, performing at  services and events through the year.

This choir is open to auditioned high school-aged musicians from the wider Houston area, and runs through the academic year. The choir presently draws from prestigious programs at Klein and Spring district schools, and primarily sings a capella works. Many choristers are admitted to the Texas All-State Choir, performing at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention.

Audition Information

Auditions take place at the beginning of the school year and after winter break, though new auditions are always welcome, subject to available openings. Prospective students are expected to have facility in reading music and training in vocal production. Students wishing to audition should bring in one piece of prepared music (ideally a solo piece from the classical repertoire) and be prepared to sight-sing.

The Choir Fellows rehearse on Thursday evenings, 7:00-8:30, and warms-up at 9:45am to sing at the 11:00 service. Students receive a travel stipend for their participation.

Interested students may contact Gavin D. Craig, Choirmaster.

Taizé Choir

“In you alone our hearts find rest and peace.”

St. Dunstan’s is blessed to offer Evening Prayer in the Style of Taizé, a contemplative worship service of scripture, prayer silence, and song. Leadership of Taizé-styled music is a joint effort between the traditional and contemporary music ministries. Singers and instrumentalists alike are welcome to help lead this service, once a month on the 3rd Sundays at 5:00.

Taizé-style music is built on repetition and layering. Short refrains are repeated, with a simple text for the congregation to meditate upon as they sing together. Musicians can then add solo vocal lines or instrumental lines to the texture, creating an atmosphere of contemplation on God’s Word. The choir at this service helps the congregation learn to sing their chants confidently, but also can have opportunities to sing these solo parts as desired.

The Taizé Choir meets at 4:30 on Sundays when Taizé Evening Prayer is offered to learn the chants of the service before leading them.

Interested musicians may contact David Horn, Contemporary Music Director.

Taizé Services generally take place on the 3rd Sunday of each Month at 5:00pm

Learn more about worship at the Community at Taizé at their web site.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Choir

by Gavin Craig

10. You get to spend more time around Gavin!

     (The rest will be better, I promise!)

9. There aren’t any good TV shows on during Wednesday rehearsal.

8. Writing “St. Dunstan’s Parish Choir” on your resumé sounds so very impressive.

7. Choir is a great opportunity to spend time with your spouse.

6. Choir is a great opportunity to get away from your spouse.

5. Christmas and Easter. ‘nuff said.

4. It’s common theft to laugh at these jokes without acting on them.

3. You get your own hymnal, so it’s finally OK to draw stick figures in it.

2. It’s harder for Fr. Rob to glare at you during sermons about immorality.

1. You’ll have to come sing with us to find out number one!