Photo from the 2018 Vestry Retreat at Camp Allen.
Pictured (left-to-right) BACK ROW: Dick Demming, Frances Taylor, Michael McElroy, Richard Leach
FRONT ROW: Henry Killen, Angela Stengl, Diana Akinrinsola, Rachel Stevens, Rohit Robinson, Todd Armstong.  Vestry members not pictured: Gwenn McIntosh & Tyler Heallen

The St. Dunstan’s 2018 Vestry Members

The St. Dunstan’s Vestry is comprised of 12 members who are communicants in good standing. Elections are held each year for 4 new members who serve 3 year terms. The 2018 Vestry members and the year that they complete their Vestry term are:

Todd Armstrong         Senior Warden       2018

Tyler Heallen                                                 2018

Angela Stengl              Clerk                         2018

Frances Taylor                                               2018

Henry Killen                                                   2019

Gwenn McIntosh       Junior Warden        2019

Rohit Robinson                                             2019

Rachel Stevens                                             2019

Diana Akinrinsola                                         2020

Dick Deming                                                  2020

Richard Leach                                               2020

Michael McElroy                                          2020