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Meetings may meet via Zoom, in-person, or a hybrid of both. 
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coffee with the clergy zoom link

Join Clergy via Zoom with your morning cup of coffee. A virtual meet the clergy hour.  Meeting ID: 832 6550 0305 Passcode: 580668  for more info email Dede Johnson 

SUNDAYS @10:10AM     Listening - You Cannot NOT Be in the Presence of God

Meets in person in BEC 309 or Zoom Meeting ID 153 002 298    for more info email Andy Johnson  

SUNDAYS @10:10AM     Lectionary Study

        Meets in person BEC 315     for more info email Richard Leach

SUNDAYS @1:00PM     For the Hurt, the Blessed, and the Damned 

Meets via zoom                     for more info email Marilynn Patterson     

3rd SUNDAY @5:00PM      Second Time Around Parenting Group for grandparents raising the next generation

Meets in The Retreat                 for more info contact Mtr. Beth Anne

MONDAYS @1:00PM     Monday Bible Study - Leviticus

Meets in person in BEC 318       for more info email Betsy Sullivan   

4th MONDAY @6:00PM        Crossroads Ministry for those with family members with mental health and substance abuse issues

         Meets in person in BEC 309       for more info email Sandy Jones

EVERY TUESDAY EXCEPT 3rd TUESDAYS @6:30PM     Live Bible Musings with Fr. Roldan - Book of Esther 

         Meets in person in the Parish Hall       for more info email Fr. Roman Roldan     

1st  WEDNESDAY @3:00PM     Village of Gleannloch Farms Study Group 

        Meets in person at the Village       for more info email Jane Egner

WEDNESDAYS @6:30PM     Hoyle Home Group -  Help Is Here by Max Lucado

Meets in person at the Hoyle home         for more info email Ingrid Hoyle    

3rd THURSDAY @9:30AM      Daughters of the King

Price Fellowship Hall                    for more info email Sister Mary Constance Maxfield.

4th THURSDAY @7:00PM     MOMTOURAGE moms group

        Meets in person, locations TBA        for more information email Mtr. Beth Anne    

THURSDAYS @9:00AM     Women's Morning Bible Study - The Chosen watch and discussion 

        Meets in person at the Hoyle home       for more info email Ingrid Hoyle      

THURSDAYS @6:30PM     Murray Home Group - Wisdom & Poetry of the Old Testament  

In person at the Murray home    for more info email Michael McElroy    

3rd THURSDAYS @7:00PM     Mother of Adult Children (MAC) 

Meets in person                 for more info email Chris Roldan or Tracy Santoro 

1st FRIDAY @8:00PM     Dads First Fridays

Meets in person, location TBA              for more info email Sarah Quiroga 

EVERY OTHER SATURDAY @8:00AM     Brotherhood of St. Andrew - Men's Group  

Meets in person BEC 316 & Zoom       for more info email Gary Drum