What to Expect at Worship


About Worship at St. Dunstan’s

The first thing to expect is, “Welcome!”  We give thanks to God that you have joined us in joyfully giving thanks to God for his goodness in Jesus. We have a wonderful nursery for infants and toddlers, and we also pride ourselves on being tolerant of the “joyful noises” that small children make from time to time. We also have a space near the worship center for parents to care for children who aren’t happy at the moment — hey, it happens! And that’s okay. When you enter either of our worship spaces you’ll be given a worship leaflet that helps you follow along with a  minimum of confusion and effort — we want you to be comfortable worshipping God with us.

St. Dunstan’s Church is a liturgical church, which means that we use a structure every Sunday that doesn’t change, and many of the prayers are constant through the year, as well. We find this continuity in prayer to be a comfort in the midst of an ever-changing world. We also find that when we keep the prayers the same, we have a chance to let them change our lives. Our resource for our prayers is The Book of Common Prayer, which is shared with small local variations through the worldwide Anglican Communion.

During the worship service, you’ll also hear a lot of Scripture. God’s Word communicates his love to us in Jesus, so we cover a lot of it on Sundays! Besides the Bible readings, themselves, many of the prayers are simply scripture passages arranged as prayer.

The music varies by service. At the 7:45 there is no music, which creates a quiet, contemplative tone. At the 9 enjoy music from the praise team, choir and organ and 11, the music is from the classical repertoire of hymns and anthems accompanied by organ, which has the dual effect of being at once reverent and also joyful. Choose the one that brings you closest to God. All the services, like our congregation itself, are united in a common celebration of Jesus’ love given to us in the sacrament of Communion.

At the 9:00 service, children ages 3 through second grade begin worship with their parents, and then process to the Childrens’ Liturgy service, which includes Christ-centered worship at a child’s level. The children are then brought in again after the sermon and prayers so that they may be included in receiving Communion with the whole “household of God.”










Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Communion if I’m not a member of the church?

Yes, any baptized Christian is welcome at the Lord’s Table.

Are my children welcome in Church?

All children are welcome at St. Dunstan’s. There are crayons, religious coloring books, and pipe cleaners available in the back of the Church to keep children busy during services. Additionally, at the 9:00am  service, children ages 3 through second grade are invited to follow the processional cross and adult leaders to Children’s Liturgy. There they will hear the lessons, a sermon, pray, sing and worship God in an age-appropriate format. They will return to the church before Communion. Nursery service is available on Sundays from 8:30am – 12:15pm.

How do I get information about joining St. Dunstan’s?

Anyone interested in joining St. Dunstan’s can get information by calling the Church office at (281)440-1600, or by email on the Contact Us tab or attend our Exploration Class.

How do I dress for worship?

You will find all different types of dress at St. Dunstan’s, from casual to “Sunday Best”. Wear whatever is comfortable for you, remembering your own guidelines about modesty and appropriate messages (no printed beer t-shirts, please!).

Any other questions you may have, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to answer any individual questions you may have or even set up a personal meeting with our pastor.