Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes 

Start September 10th


Being Anglican: Part1  The Prayer Book  Praying, Studying, Serving

Led by Fr. Rob  BEC 315

Each Sunday, Fr. Rob will explore a different habit or practice that sustains faithful, high-commitment discipleship.


Listening with Randall+

Led by Fr. Randall    BEC 318

You cannot not be in the presence of God. Conversations with Fr. Randall.


Nexus Prayer: Being Still and Knowing God

Led by Allen White     BEC 322

Nexus Prayer is the biblically-based, contemplative Christian prayer practice that teaches us to “just be” with God.


“Losing Your Religion” by Andy Stanley (Starts Oct. 15th)

Led by Reggie Lang BEC

In this 4 week DVD study, Andy Stanley explains how the message of Christ serves as the fulfillment of religion.